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"I had the chance to take my kids on a Student Discoveries trip to DC with the middle school of Aspen Academy, and I'm completely sold on Student Discoveries. We had "insider" experiences at every site. How great was it that we could pull right up to each attraction, stroll right by the lines of hot, tired student groups, and be received, right on time, by our local guide. We had velvet rope experiences everywhere, including a session with a Colorado congressman on the steps of the Senate building, a private audience at the Supreme Court with Chief Justice Ginsberg, and hosted the wreath ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to an audience of over one thousand.

If your school does a student group, do them all a favor and ask Student Discoveries to take over-you'll be blown away!"
-Steve B, Group Leader
Aspen Academy

"The Globus family of brands has provided many wonderful tour experiences for Bob Jones University's study tours to Europe over the past four decades. I have had the personal privilege of working closely with Globus' Student Discoveries staff in arranging several three-week custom tours to Western Europe–traveling from Italy to the United Kingdom. They have provided valuable assistance in the planning and organization of the tours, working out the logistical aspects of the itinerary, and in the handling of reservations and billing of the tour participants.

It is one thing to plan a custom tour and have people excitedly sign up to go, but it's another thing to deliver an "experience of a lifetime." I have been very pleased with the excellent accommodations, the warm and professional skills of the European Tour Directors, the expertise of the Local Guides, the planning and execution of the timing and arrangements related to our daily schedule, and the comfort and reliability of our land transportation.

Through each stage of the tour process, I have received prompt, professional, and helpful attention. Every member of the Globus staff has made it clear that they want to make my tour a memorable experience for everyone. A memorable experience–I don't know if that is a corporate theme for Globus, but they certainly have worked hard to achieve this for each of our custom tours. My personal experience in dealing with them over the years would encourage me to use the Globus family of brands for all my future tours."
-David Fisher, Provost
Bob Jones University

"Usually, feedback breeds lots of negative remarks, but with Globus it is the opposite. First, your guides are well educated. Secondly, patience does not wear thin. Thirdly, there are smiles all the time and radiant personalities illuminate the darkest day. In Portugal, Rui Viega's face became the “map” of the country. His introduction to each day's activities made the tour of the day seem more magnificent than the seemingly unmatchable tours of the previous days. Rui, accompanied by the best driver in the universe, was much more than a guide. He became iconic. If only he had my looks… My school families still communicate with him. You couldn't ask for a better guide, teacher, actor, reverend, psychologist, or…Rui became everyone's uncle. He became family. He should teach guides how to guide. Give him a title more than guide, better than guide; Guide in Residence, Guide Deluxe, Premier Guide, Five Star Guide, Seeing Eye Guide."
-Doug Fleming, Headmaster
Thorton-Donovan School

"There is usually positive feedback for all parts of the trip. Parents in particular are very pleased with the quality of the hotels and the breakfast provided in the morning. They are very pleased with the tour guide and the way they relate to the people on the trip. They are pleased with the pace of the trip and how well it flows."
-Al Baeder
Group Leader

"Student Discoveries offers specific, hands on experiential learning opportunities for students and teachers. One of the strengths here, and this is especially true for the trip to Boston and the Newseum visit, is their direct involvement in activities. Across the board, these are not trips where the students and faculty will find themselves being talked at for long periods of time."
- Brett James
Colorado Academy

Student Discoveries
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