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Fundraising is a great way to make your trip more affordable. Not only does it teach innovation, organization, and cooperation, it also places more value on the experience as it gives students a sense of pride for financially contributing to their trip.

Getting Started

  • Determine the goals of your funraising project
    • Do you want to raise the entire amount for your tour or just a portion?
    • Will you have one large single event or several smaller ones? 
  • Be clear about what your travel program entails and how donations will be used. People are more willing to donate if they understand what they're contributing to.
  • Have each student sign a fundraising contract, and update them on their personal progress. This keeps everyone involved in the fundraising process and working toward a common goal.
  • Track your progress. It can motivate potential contributors if they know how much money you've raised to date, especially as you get closer to your goal.
  • Keep contributions in a savings account. Interest can accrue, which adds to your bottom line. Also remember: some checks are automatically canceled after a certain period of time, so deposit checks quickly.
  • Promote your fundraising efforts by creating a Web or Facebook page and e-mail the link to everyone you know. Then, when you have an event coming up, promote it via e-mail and remind people with instant messages, text messages, and “tweets.”

Get Creative

  • Top product fundraisers include: cookie dough, cheesecakes, wrapping paper, pretzel dough, magazines, gift items, candles, candy, and pizza kits.
  • Have your group write letters to businesses in the community. In some areas, especially small towns where everyone is aware of the trip, people are willing to help out.
  • Schedule a fundraising dinner at a local restaurant. This is becoming more popular and you have probably seen it before.
    • A restaurant will offer around 20% of the receipts from people supporting your group to your fundraiser
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